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Wordcamp Nashville 2017

Wordcamp Nashville 2017

Wordcamp is coming up in Nashville Dec. 1-3rd! What on earth is this whole Wordcamp thing? Well my friends at Bluehost have this to say:

“WordCamp is a community organized conference that takes place in cities around the world where WordPress enthusiasts meet to share knowledge about WordPress and the online platform it offers. At camp, plan to attend a range of sessions from plugins and theme developments to more complicated techniques and security.”

There was actually a Wordcamp here in Austin a few short weeks ago.  I had really wanted to attend, but didn’t make it because:

a.  I have been insanely busy with work lately.

b.  Didn’t want to shell out the moolah for the entry fee due to a recent 2 week worker’s comp stint involving a school bus mishap and a few broken toes.  😮 Ah, the life of a teacher.

The good news is my website hosting service Bluehost is giving away a free trip to Nashville for the upcoming Wordcamp!  And though it’s a shot in the dark, it sure doesn’t hurt to give it a go.  I’m only allowed 4-8 sentences to present my case, so I’ll do my best to keep it brief.

Here is why I would love to attend Wordcamp 2017:

Although I love to create content on this blog, I am not the most tech savvy person by any means.  I definitely could use some help fine tuning my wordpress skills and where better to do that but Wordcamp?

I would love to be surrounded by a community of fellow wordpressers to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

I would love to network with other food bloggers and find ways to support each other as we all delve farther into the WordPress rabbit hole together.

I have heard rumblings that Nashville is the new Austin. I’ve never been to Nashville to would love to be the judge for myself.

nashville mural
nashville skyline
johnny cash museum sign

Alright, that’s all I got. Wish me luck! 🙂

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