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Books I’m Loving: Love Warrior

Books I’m Loving: Love Warrior

One of my favorite things about summer vacation is that I have time to kick back and really get lost in a good book.  Or two, or three… But it’s not often that a book comes along that makes me become a binge reader, obsessing about when I’ll have my chance to dig into the next chapter.  When one of those rare gems come along, I want to shout it from the roof so that everyone can experience the amazingness for themselves.  Love Warrior is one of those books.

I found out about Love Warrior while randomly scrolling some instagram posts and noticed it kept popping up.  Once I found out it was an Oprah Book Club pick that was enough to make me put it on hold at the library.  And as luck would have it, when it finally became available I just happened to be recovering from a sprained ankle and in the midst of a nasty cold.  Just the time when you need a good book to make the laziness of recovering seem a lot less boring and feel a lot more luxurious.

Love Warrior is a memoir by author Glennon Doylewho previously wrote Carry On Warrior.  She is also the voice behind the extremely popular blog Momastery, which began 10 years ago as a way for Glennon to express the overwhelm, frustrations, and joys of being a mom and a wife. It has evolved into an amazing loving online community with the intention:

” Be brave enough to tell your story, be kind enough to let others tell theirs.”

This intention came true as Momastery became a safe place where women found refuge to tell their story and feel the support of a community of loving strangers that had their back.  The love and support just kept growing and led to the founding of Together Rising, a non-profit Glennon founded to help families in need.

In short, this chick is pretty awesome.  But she definitely didn’t always have it so together.  Glennon, a recovered bulemic and alcoholic, got a wake up call when she found out she was pregnant in her twenties, right in the midst of when her debauchery was at its worst.  This turned her life into a new direction where she stayed sober and stopped binging and purging because she knew she had to be a better person for this little being depending on her.

And turn in a new direction it did.  She married her son’s father, had 2 more children, and began a successful writing career.  All seemed to be going so well when she got a bomb dropped on her that  her husband had been unfaithful.  And with that realization her whole world crumbled and she was left with a decision about how best to put those pieces back together.

She chose the path of the warrior (hence the title Love Warrior 😉). Rather than run from the incredible pain that emerged like a tsunami with this confession, she dove right into as a way to learn more about herself.  She realized that all her life she’d been using things like food and alcohol to numb the pain, and that instead of letting those things get the better of her once again, she learned to take the hit. By embracing the pain, she allowed it to transform her, and she awakened to discover things about herself that through the course of her life she’d forgotten.

“What if pain – like love – is just a place brave people visit?” – Glennon Doyle 

I don’t want to give too many details away, because there’s nothing worse than spoiler alerts, but if you liked Eat, Pray, Love or Wild, I can pretty much guarantee you will love Love Warrior.  Not only is her story inspiring, but she is an amazing writer that uses words the way a gourmet chef melds together unexpected ingredients into this perfect literary medley that is music for your soul.  Her writing is raw, brutally honest, and funny as hell.  But be prepared, as her writing is so on point that she takes you through the emotional roller coaster yourself the whole way.  You will cry (some happy & some sad tears) at more than a few parts, but also laugh out loud at others.

Ok, so by now I am hoping you have either:

a) Put this book in your cart on amazon

b) Put it on hold at your local library (if you are old school like me)

c) Downloaded it to your kindle

And if you still aren’t convinced you need to read this book, check out Glennon’s talk from OWN’s Super Soul Sessions:


Happy reading!  😀

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