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How to Clean Your Oven Naturally

How to Clean Your Oven Naturally

I’ve been eating clean for years now.  And I am totally on the natural food train now 100%.  It’s take me a bit longer to start cleaning up my household products, but slowly but surely I’ve been making the switch.  One thing I had NOT managed to figure out until just recently is how to clean your oven naturally.

dirty oven

Yes, I will admit.  Not long ago that was the state of my oven.  This disgusting-ness did not come easy.  It was a result of 3+ years of food love and an intense love affair with roasting chickens.  I knew the oven was in a sad state yet continued turning a blind eye as the grime and grease grew thicker each day.

Sure I’d thought about cleaning it.  But when I took a look at the chemical bonanza that is store bought oven cleaners, well my laziness seemed justified.  Who wants to use a bunch of chemicals and turn the heat up in the place you make your food?

Finally one day, after getting tired of my smoke alarm going off every time I opened the oven door, I looked into ways to clean your oven naturally.  Not surprisingly, baking soda and vinegar, the natural cleaning gods themselves were the secret ingredients.

So I mixed myself up some baking soda and vinegar paste, spread it around my oven, and…well, it didn’t work.  You can actually see the remnants of my failed experiment in the before pictures above. 🙄

Fast forward to another year or so of accumulating grime and my smoke detector going off a the drop of a hat and it was time to try this oven cleaning thing again.  In my searching the same things kept coming up, so I began to have my doubts I’d ever have a clean oven unless I bit the bullet and bought the toxic stuff.

clean oven

Luckily, with just a few tweaks and a little bit of elbow grease, my oven is living proof you CAN clean your oven naturally!  I am going to take a wild guess your oven is not as crusty as mine was. So if I can do it, well then so my friend can you.  Here’s what you need to clean your oven naturally:


Okay, ready to get started?  This may seem self explanatory, but first make sure you pick a time to clean your oven when you won’t need to use it for a while, as you’ll have to let the baking soda paste set for several hours to get all the grease off.  I let mine set overnight for about 12 hours but if your oven is only a little grimy you may be able to get away with just a few hours.  So make sure your fridge is stocked with some leftovers or just do your cooking on the stovetop while the baking soda does its thing.

Now let’s get down to business…


1.  Remove your oven racks and set in the sink.  You can clean these while the baking soda sets.

2. Remove all the bits of food & such from the bottom of the oven.  I used the attachments on my vacuum for this but you can always just use a sponge.

3. Mix 1 cup baking soda and 6 tbsp. water in a bowl.  Stir to form a paste.

4.  Put on your rubber gloves and using a sponge apply the paste all along your oven.  And I mean alllll along your oven, all sides, top, bottom, door, everything!

5. Allow baking soda to set anywhere from 2-12 hours depending on your level of filth. Clean those oven racks in your sink with baking soda & vinegar while you’re waiting on the oven.

6. Fill up an empty spray bottle with vinegar.  Spray all surfaces of the oven with the vinegar.  You will have some serious bubbling action going that will do a lot of the dirty work for you. 😀

7.  Once all walls have been sprayed with vinegar use a sponge to begin wiping the baking soda off.  I used these since they have a scratchy side to help get all the grime off. Have a bowl of water handy to dip the sponge in to clean off the mess.  You will probably need to change out the bowl of water a couple times.

8.  If you have a hard time getting any of the grease off, here’s where the elbow grease part comes in.  Use a stainless steel scouring pad for all those stubborn patches.  The gunk WILL come off with a little scrubbing action.   See it as a bonus upper body workout. 💪

9. Use a spatula to help scrape off any crusty bits and to rake all the baking soda paste off.

10.  When you feel like you’ve got most of the baking soda paste off, get a wet dishcloth to wipe the surfaces down.  If in the wiping there are any dirty spots left, whip that sponge out again. Continue wiping until your oven looks like this:

clean oven clean oven clean oven

That’s it!  Now just replace your oven racks and you’re good to go. 🙂

If you are looking for a video tutorial I found this youtube video to be helpful:

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