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Epsom Salt Bath Benefits & a Bath Recipe

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits & a Bath Recipe

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can be the most powerful.  For years epsom salt baths have been a natural remedy for just about everything, from gardening superfood, to skin exfoliater, to hair volumizer, to natural household cleaner, to even splinter remover.  Epsom salts kinda do it all.  But my absolute favorite way to use them by far is for epsom salt baths. Why?

Epsom salts are a naturally occuring mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate.  Magnesium is a mineral responsible for regulating over 300 enzymes in the body.  Magnesium deficiency is very common and can cause anxiety, insomnia, constipation, muscle aches, high blood pressure, migranes, and even diabetes.  Yikes.

Magnesium deficiency is becoming more and more common nowadays thanks to the stress of living in the fast paced modern world.  Stress drains magnesium from your body, which then effects serotonin production, mood, sleep, and energy levels.  It can lead to a vicious domino effect, unless one does something to replenish their magnesium stores.

Now that I have officially scared you, here is the good news.  Taking regular epsom salt baths is an easy and inexpensive way to restore healthy magnesium levels, while taking some me time for yourself to slow down (which most of us desperately need).  When added to warm bath water, epsom salts are readily absorbed through your skin, leaving your body relaxed and your magnesium levels balanced.

Been working out a little too hard at the gym? Or just feeling some aches and pains? Epsom salts come to the rescue once again. Thanks to the power of magnesium, epsom salt baths will soothe those aching muscles and reduce inflammation in your body.

Got a skin rash that driving you batty? Thanks to their anti-inflammatory effects, epsom salt baths are a great way to ease the symptoms of skin conditions like ezcema and psoriasis.  They can even speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, and bruises for the very same reason.

Epsom salts also contain sulfates, which are excellent for detoxing.  Sulfates naturally flush toxins and heavy metals from your body by a process called reverse osmosis.  Our skin is our biggest detoxing organ, and epsom salt baths pull salts out of your body along with harmful toxins and heavy metals as well.  Score!

relaxing bath sceneAlthough I totally appreciate the very real physical effects of epsom salt baths, I have to say that I appreciate the ritual of them just as much.  Everything moves so fast nowadays, that to take some time to slow down, light a candle, put on some chill music, and just sit there and soak feels wonderfully indulgent.

Okay, so hopefully now you are aboard the epsom salt bath train and ready to try this out.  Here is my favorite go to bath recipe…

Soul Soak

Fill your bathtub with warm water (not so hot it burns you…but warm enough so you can soak for a while without shivering in 15 min). Add 2 cups epsom salts, 10-15 drops lavender, and 2 tsp. coconut oil.  The lavender will enhance the epsom salts’ relaxing effects while the coconut oil will leave your skin supple & moisturized.  Stir the water around a bit until the epsom salts dissolve. Soak for at least 15-20 min. to get the full benefits (or more if you have the time).

To up the pampering factor, light a candle and put on some chill music while you soak.  Maybe even make yourself a cup of chamomile tea to sip on as you soak.  By the time your fingers are sufficiently pruny your body will be ready to slide right on into sleep.

If you become an epsom salt addict like me and indulge in them regularly, make sure you drink plenty of water before & after you soak.  Since epsom salts draw salts out of your body (along with toxins 😀), they can lead to dehydration…especially if you are not getting your fill of water during the day.

Remember self care is not selfish.  It is vital.  Take time to take care for yourself and you will be that much more able to best take care of others in your life.

Peace, love, & sweet dreams 😴

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